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The Only Way to Get Better at Writing is to Write More!

Words In The Brain
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Writers is like exercising... you have to keep doing it to see results!
This community is for writers. Not just people who write and post or publish things regularly. If you write things, you're a writer. This community is for you.

Writing is a skill. It does not require genius, but it does require practice and training. The best way to be a better writer is to WRITE MORE THINGS. It does not matter if they are short things, long things, silly things, pointless things, experimental things, or any other kind of things. It only matters that you write them, regularly and consistently.

To all of those who have never shared their writing before... share it with us!


1) BE NICE. To everybody. Sharing one's work makes one feel vulnerable and anyone who exploits that will be kicked out on their ass.

2) We are all grown-ups. If you're not, you shouldn't be here, because we are going to talk about grown-up things. Your mod does not want to be the police and expects people to solve any issues in a reasonable fashion. If they do not, your mod may elect to solve them in any fashion, reasonable or otherwise.

3) If adding your own prompt fill as a post, please use the following general format for headers:

WORD COUNT: (estimate is fine)
SUMMARY: (keep it short and sweet)

(If you choose not to provide warnings, you must note that warnings are not listed. Warnings are expected for adult content of any kind, graphic violence, or other things you might want to be warned about. If you have a question, just ask me)

4) If responding to a prompt in a COMMENT, please put the prompt (or something else) in the subject line. That way, if the chain of discussion gets long, it is easier to keep track of which discussion a comment belongs to.


Prompts will happen as often as I can manage. There will be as much variety as I can think of, since different writers find that different things spark their ideas. Prompts may include a word, a phrase, a quote, an image, or whatever else I can think of. You do not have to use all of them. If you write something you really want to share that doesn't fit ANY of them, go for it. You do not have to post your writing in the same week that the prompt was posted, but try to do it within a week or two, or else people will forget. Suggestions for prompts are welcome. Send 'em on over.

Writing is fun and exciting and hard and frustrating and beautiful and difficult. The more you do it, the easier it gets. So start writing now... it doesn't have to be "good". It just has to be words. Put them out there and let them shine!